The St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church was inaugurated in November 2001 by Bishop Bernard Gremoli as part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia (formerly Vicariate of Arabia). Our parish is presently pastored by Bishop Paul Hinder. We comprise of many nationalities and diverse communities from around the world united in one body of Christ. Located just off of Sheikh Zayed road behind Al Muntazah Complex in the emirate of Dubai, we are easily accessible from The Gardens Boulevard, Ibn Battuta Metro Station by bus or taxi, and from the Jebel Ali Village Interchange. View our location map.


…the inhabitants treated us with unusual kindness. They made us all welcome, and they lit a huge fire because it had started to rain and the weather was cold.— Acts 28:2

Dear Parishioner,

We welcome all parishioners to login to the Parishioner Profile Registration and complete the online registration form. By providing your information we aim to serve your needs and connect to you.

Upon completion of the registration, the parish office will maintain your data on record for administrative purposes, as this will enable us to communicate with you and your family in order to serve your needs and assist you better.

    To complete the registration online, kindly have the following information on hand:

  • your name as per your Baptism certificate (Full Name)
  • your name as per your passport (Full Name)
  • your Emirates ID no. (e.g., 748-1984-1234567-1)
  • your personal email address (not office email address)
  • your primary contact number (not office number)

If you have any queries about the registration process, kindly contact the parish office.

Thank you for completing the registration and welcome to our parish family.

Fr. Reinhold Sahner
Parish Priest

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Note: Church Sui Iuris/Rite: Those who belong to "Roman Catholic Church / Western Church" is known as "Latin Rite Church" (Detailed information about rites and churches click the link: Church/Rites)

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Imagine Our Parish... Encountering the Catholic faith not just on Friday, but all throughout the week. Faith Formation for every parishioner at your convenience.

To help alleviate traffic while leaving the church, please make use of the alternate route which begins across from the Churches/AlMuntazah/Equestrian Club junction and leads down to the E77. This route is ideal for those heading towards Jebel Ali Port, Abu Dhabi, Green Community, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Please click image for map.